The story of us


First let us introduce ourselves. My name is Attila Majoros, we live in the small village of Felsõpakony, 8 kilometers away from the capital Budapest with my wife and two beautiful daughters, Eszter and Klaudia. I get to like with dogs at the age of 10 when my parents gifted me my first dog, a very friendly dachshund - fox-terrier mutt. He was a real lovely and smart dog, a favourite of the family.

 In 1997 I joined the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard, where I’m still on duty as member of an anti-drug squad. The first time I got acquainted sniffle dogs I was impressed by their orderliness and efficiency. In the course of my job I met my present sniffle dog (a german sheperd) Kurucz. Kurucz is the perfect choice for me, perfect screening results, working tests and ZK1 (IPO) examination but first of all he’s an ideal partner and an outclass sniffle dog. 

I remember the first time I saw a labrador working. Different style, working by air-sniffling, beautiful genus, I took the fancy of in a moment. I checked them up and found that this family-centric, child-loving nice dog is also a perfect working dog by their excellent smell and intelligence.

All of our family is nuts about dogs and dealing with dogs were and will be the elemental parts of our lives we’ve decided to start breed this genus. We know that it’s a real hard job but in the face of all the difficulties we do feel that it worth while. For some length of phonecalls and information collecting we bought two puppies of two different Hungarian kennels: a black bitch and a yellow male. Getting new knowledge on labradors made us change our minds so we’ve decided not to breed those two labs. They still live around us with the other dogs, as favourites of the family. This story made us more perspicacious of dogs, people and the whole world of professional dog-breeding. By starting dealing with labradors we got to know pofessional breeders such as the Invictus Friend Kennels owner. After deciding not to breed our two dogs we visited his kennel and took Balu, a beautiful yellow male home. He’s only one years old with hopeful genetic aptitude, but it’s too early to form an eventual opinion on him. The only thing we’re 100% sure is that he remains part of our family.

Surfing the Internet helped us to find a Russian breeder who mated Scandinavian bloodlined dogs in Russia. Some may be surprised but I bought a black female „Ice”, „who” is the prototype to me of nice, good- (and standard-) looking, family-centric labradors with brilliant apporting skills. She’s only 5 months old but time will soon tell us if she will be fit to breed her. She’s in advance of the prefiltration, in the mean time I train her to become a good working dog. We know buying a lab from a good kennel is just the first step of a hard and long way, but we’re really dedicated to breed quality dogs. Our goal which we do hold by is to create a quality bloodline of healthy, standard-looking, beautiful labs with good working skills which stand their ground at international dog shows, in their „daily job” and as best friends of their family. To do so I can assure all the lab-fans that I will inform everyone on my dogs imperfections and won’t give anybody the cold shoulder as they did to me before.

As for us a labrador’s friendship symbolizes open-mindedness, sincerity and love. We truly believe in all the labrador breeders’ solidarity with each other to keep the heritage that breeders from the past bequeathed for us.

We’d like to thank to all our true friends for their help and faith in us. We really do need their support to strengthen us in our belief that we’ve chosen the right way. And of course we thank you for visiting our page and reading our story.


Best regards,

The Majoros Family